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Specialising in professional learning & development our current courses span the entire employment lifecycle, from resume writing to job applications, personal improvement or specialised management skills towards advancing ones knowledge in a specific topic area and/or updating soft skills for career progression.

Our goal for training is to convey relevant and useful information to participants that informs and develops competencies that are transferrable, thus creating an impact that lasts beyond the end time of the training itself, focusing on the creation of specific action steps and/or commitments that support and incorporate new skills, behaviours and ideas in the workplace.

In today's business environment knowledge signifies competence and influence. Professionals to executives constantly need to upgrade their understanding and skills to maintain changing and challenging technologies. Therefore staff training programs at regular intervals provide larger payoffs to employers in terms of increased productivity, motivation with opportunities to gain new skills, learn best-practice methodologies, and share practical applications.

As a result, it is imperative we as a training organisation accurately assess our course content and training needs to develop and deliver programs that achieve results for your organisation. This is done by delivering the tools and training necessary for job excellence and/or career advancement by learning new information, relearning or reinforcing existing knowledge and skills.

The Benefits in Training with Us

The Benefits in Training with Us 

We offer skill development for individuals and groups in general training which involves presentations and learning of content as a means for enhancing skill development and improving workplace behaviours.

This training includes:

1. Tailored Training learning packages to meet the individual requirements of client organisations through customised and in-house business training solutions
2. Corporate Training solutions to personally address your staff/employee requirements
3. Customised Training designed and adapted to meet your organisations culture and goals

1. Tailored Training

We can provide training across a broad range of topics, industries and skill levels by developing training packages for small, medium and corporate businesses. Our suite of short courses can be customised and delivered in-house to meet your business challenges in addition to personal and professional outcomes.

Benefits to you as the Employer

  • Flexible and affordable training in areas that matter to your organisation that focuses on your investments
  • Learning outcomes will support your corporate strategy, workplace policies, continuous improvement or cultural change
  • Participants will apply learning directly through current projects with measurable returns on investment to employers
  • Courses are delivered over a timeframe that suits your business cycles

Benefits to your Participant(s)

  • Choose workbooks/components that enable participants to address current issues in your organisation
  • Select workbooks/components that are more suitable for personal development and targeted towards work tasks
  • Omit topics where previous training has been received
  • Assessments are in the form of capability questions and work-based projects - therefore you work on something relevant to a vocation

The Process

1. Discuss your requirements with our Training Consultant

2. Determine your desired outcomes for training and development

3. We will tailor the course content for greatest impact so that participants can start and we can implement the training immediately

To get started with Tailored Training, click here to contact us or call 07 3281 2489 to discuss your training requirements.

2. Corporate Training

At Attain Training we believe that your training needs are not a one-size-fits-all solution so we will work with you to understand your company's unique business practices and create personalised training and development solutions that address your specific requirements so to deliver custom corporate training programs that drive your staff to reach their highest potential.

Our training and development workshops are based on industry demand and are structured to suit typical learning needs across companies and demographics. For quality assurance we continually update our course content by tailoring resources in accordance with course feedback received from our clients. This enables us to keep our course material fresh and vibrant using training strategies that help keep our students engaged in an atmosphere that is conducive to better learning.

Benefits of our Corporate Training include:

  • Quality of service and business growth
  • Recognition of employee performance
  • Increasing your organisational credibility and competitive advantage
  • Greater staff retention and increased motivational levels
  • Increase staff efficiency and productivity levels
  • Save time and decrease costs
  • Instil confidence in new recruits

Through Attain Training's corporate training, your staff will gain a hands on or experiential learning approach where our trainer uses real life examples as well as case studies that serve to explain the practical applications of the training imparted.

3. Customised Training

Customised training offers maximum flexibility so the course content is designed and adapted to meet your companies’ specific requirements. Our custom-created training will therefore aim to provide your business with training and development needs that are integral to your company culture, and in line with your organisational goals.

Our course content and materials are based upon standard business practices. However, a request for only certain topics to be covered or new topics to be added is available at your discretion. Please note that more preparation time for this type of training will be necessary.

Through a Training Needs Analysis our training consultant will endeavour to research your business processes, assess the learning needs of your employees and collaborate with you on an instructional design, development and delivery strategy that meets your needs. A customised course would typically be offered at your site with the cost determined and based on the level of effort required to design the new custom-content.

The Benefits of Custom Training Include:

  • Learning assessments and needs analysis to identify gaps in knowledge or skills
  • Evaluation of learning objectives
  • Pre-course and post-course assessments to ensure workplace application of knowledge learnt during the course
  • Programs either off-the-shelf or custom designed to reflect specific company goals and processes
  • Training sessions structured in the classroom or moderated group discussions
  • Customised training which focuses exclusively on what is needed
  • Training developed in sync with the company culture and practice
  • Development of skills learning applicable and translated to fit current circumstances
  • No venue or travel costs, as our trainers come to you organisation
  • Schedules and timings that suit your organisations convenience
  • Participants learn together, apply their learning and support each other within the workplace
I'm not sure what I need?

Organisational development can create solutions to assist workplace issues before they develop into a concern or subsequently become an identifiable problem. Consequently, our soft skills/professional development training can be used as a proactive means for developing your personal abilities and expertise to enhance skill sets or be an effective tool for organisations in addressing/preventing any problems from arising regarding performance gaps for personnel and management.

This training not only supports employees or professionals in the development of practiced skills, but allows ones pursuit of on-going personal development for performance evaluations or career prospects.

We are for that reason currently developing a wide range of topics including business, leadership and management essential skills, which include business and professional writing, assertiveness in the workplace, conflict management, building effective teams, coaching your team for success, change and transition, alongside of our already detailed workshops - Time management, Effective Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution in the Workplace, Working Effectively as a Team and Dealing with Difficult Customer Behaviour.


Attending the below workshops can convey relevant and useful information to inform participants and develop skills and behaviours that can be transferred back into the workplace or turn your career towards a new direction or prospective vocation.

  • Resume Writing & Job Application Skills

  • Bookkeeping 101

For those wishing to learn professional accounting practices and basic skills in systematic recording and organising of financial transactions for a company or give you the skills to efficiently manage the ‘business side’ of your organisation, ‘Bookkeeping 101 for Beginners’ is a course suitable for YOU!

Make sure you understand completely whether your course is nationally recognised or can be accredited towards further study if you are interested in using your qualification in the workplace or plan on pursuing further study.

If you undertake a course where you cannot use and apply these skills they may lose currency. Under RCC (recognition of current compentency) you are required to prove that you have applied these skills within the last 3 years for them to be deemed current. (This is dependant on the type of qualification / skills and provider).

Be aware that for some careers you may still require an undergraduate qualification – just studying a multitude of short courses does not equal a master’s degree.

Also, be wary of listing all 20 of the short courses you have completed in your resume, unless they are relevant to the jobs you are applying for. Simply listing a few in your interests can help to show that you are a well-rounded, inquisitive person.

Although less of a commitment than tertiary study, you are still required to put in time and effort to do well when studying a short course.

Some short courses may require you to undertake assessments, participate in group activities, complete workbook activities, attend a certain number of classes or undertake pre / post workshop preparation or research.

The onus is on you to succeed but the benefits are worth it, what could be more beneficial than investing in yourself!

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