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Presently we have a full day workshop on ‘Organisational Change-Group Dynamics & Team Building’ for Supervisors, Team Leaders or Team Members to understand each other as employees and recognise their importance and position is vital within the organisation through successful organisational change, understanding of group dynamics and effective team building.

As a Recruitment business we are very aware of the skills applicants require to market their competencies and personal profile to prospective employers. To stand out in this competitive climate of the job market, this ‘Resume Writing and Job Application Skills’ workshop provides participants assistance to tailor their resumes and application letters to match their prospective career, job description or industry-specific core skills by focusing on accentuating their experiences and backgrounds to essentially pass through an initial applicant process.

Course start and finish times are adjustable to suit client needs. Please refer to our Training Schedule for course dates.  Our course facilitation dates are flexible. If the dates listed in the Training Schedule are not suitable, please contact our office and we can arrange a date for course delivery that meets your needs.

A Career transition is one of the top five most stressful events that can take place in anyone's life. The good news is that we can support you through this change and assist in either a new career outlook or job which best suits you! With our new ‘Career Transitioning and Planning Skills’ workshop we will endeavour to do this by indentifying your skills, confidence and self-knowledge in finding your ideal job whilst marketing yourself to prospective employers.

The other new course recently developed ‘Bookkeeping 101 - For Beginners’, provides an overview of accounting and bookkeeping skills with an understanding of financial transactions essential for business operations.


Attain Training's Full Day Workshops are priced at $495.00 (includes GST, booking and processing fees). 

Multiple course booking and group discount packages are available. 

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    our facebook page linkdin
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