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Wednesday, May 03 2017
How Upskilling Can Lead To A More Successful And Satisfying Career

It can be tricky to move into your dream industry once you've already built your adult life. Maybe you already have an established career. Perhaps you have kids. You might even be stuck in a job you hate, but need it to pay the bills.

But it's not impossible to make a change. You do have options. Course or education providers like Upskilled offer Australians online study options so you can upgrade your career, or perhaps find a new one. All from the comfort of your home. Here's what you need to know.

The annual Upskilled Career Survey reveals that Australians are generally a happy bunch. Out of the 3,500 who participated, an encouraging 81 per cent of respondents like their job, and 29 per cent love their job. Self-employed Australians are the happiest group of all, with 92 per cent enjoying their work. The number one reason cited for workplace happiness was having a likeable workplace.

However, despite being satisfied, 70 per cent of respondents have still considered further study. The main reason cited (58 per cent) was to advance their career. Upskilling is a great way to improve your career outlook.

Upskilling With A Flexible Schedule
Most Australian universities offer courses and degrees online. But you'll need to stick to the deadlines and semester schedules as dictated by the institution. Reality is that isn't always manageable. Especially if you work full time or juggle family commitments.

This is what makes Upskilled unique. Not only can you do all of the work online — but do so to a flexible work schedule. You go at the pace that fits into your lifestyle.

You get all the credibility: Upskilled is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

And structure: Assessments and units are planned to help you progress and communication channels are kept open to ensure you remain active. Your commitments can always come first so you can achieve work life balance.

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The Importance of Positive Self Talk
The Importance of Positive Self Talk

As a human being, you are constantly talking to yourself, having an inner monologue with yourself. It’s called self-talk. Self-talk is an internal dialogue that can affect your confidence and self-esteem.  One kind of this is positive self-talk, a personal (mental) conversation with a positive mental attitude towards your life and yourself. This is said to be the optimistic voice in your head – soliloquy that makes you look at the bright side of things.

So why should you immerse in positive self-talk on a consistent basis? Here are several benefits that you can expect from a constructive self-dialogue:

  • It helps boosts your confidence

  • It introduces optimistic thoughts – that save you from depression
  • It eliminates stress
  •  It shields your heart It can help you improve your performance in anything you do

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