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Tuesday, April 18 2017
12 Leadership Qualities You Must Have

12 Leadership Qualities You Must Have
Published on April 3, 2017Featured in: Leadership & Management

As I’ve read about and worked with those in leadership, I have noticed a few important qualities standing out. What follows is a list of the most essential qualities for a great leader.

Leadership Qualities You Must Have

The Best Leaders Out There:

1.     ARE COURAGEOUS. When they need to be, they are innovative, and embrace being different. They don’t just meet the status quo, they also challenge it. When decisions have to be made, they will often make unpopular decisions and take risks that are calculated. They fight for each other and the things that need to be done.

2.     HAVE A VISION that they feel compelled to share with others. When they think about things, they do so in a strategic manner, while still operating in the present.

3.     ARE AUTHENTIC. Those in leadership have strong intuition and have sound gut instincts and they follow them. They remain congruent and they don’t simply talk. They deliver. Those in leadership show what they know and they showcase who they are. They understand that being vulnerable doesn’t mean weak, as it is sometimes necessary for success.

4.     HAVE INTEGRITY. These individuals are always honest and open about things. But those in leadership still understand how the political side of things work. They handle problems and deal with both the good and the bad issues and don’t skirt issues. They understand what needs to be done and always do the right thing, rather than the easy thing.

5.     GET RESULTS. These individuals are ones who are determined at all things. They will go about the process on their own, and not simply wait to be ask to do something. In everything they do, they will always find a way to deliver.

6.     LISTEN AND OBSERVE – In leadership, these individuals pay attention themselves and others. They look at a situation and will take note of what is going on. They want to keep the bigger picture in mind, and they choose their battles accordingly. They are able to use their judgment to deliver results.

7.     KNOW IT IS ALWAYS A TEAM EFFORT. Those in leadership also know that is relationships and people that matter. They will spend their time delegating and asking for help when needed. They think about the best approach and are able to give others credit when it is due. They always thank and apologize in situations, as they understand the value of social time.

8.     RESPECT EVERYONE – In leadership, you must be respectful and kind. Even if you disagree with others. When it is appropriate, you can be fierce and larger than life. But also know when you need to be loyal and kind, or even gentle. Forgiveness is also essential, just don’t forget.

9.     ARE FLEXIBLE in their life and in their beliefs. They know that life is more than black and white. There is an understanding that change happens and even when life isn’t pretty, you hold your head up high and you refuse to go down.

10. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE. These individuals take the time to avoid assumptions by checking for real understandings. They will search out clarity and keep up to date on their communication. When necessary, they will negotiate and handle any conflicts that arise under their leadership with professionalism.

11. ARE PASSIONATE AND ENTHUSIASTIC. When they speak up, those in leadership find their enthusiasm is infectious – and they extend it further with an awesome sense of humor.

12. VALUE THEMSELVES. These individuals don’t wait for goals to have as sense of self-esteem. They understand they are far from perfect, and use this imperfection to help them to learn and grow. These individuals are open to feedback and will do what is best for themselves and the things that they face, so they can remain confidence and humble.


As you read the 12 leadership quantities that are listed about, how many do you have in your own life and career? Which is one you are most interested in developing? How can you use coaching to help improve who you are as a leader?


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The Importance of Positive Self Talk
The Importance of Positive Self Talk

As a human being, you are constantly talking to yourself, having an inner monologue with yourself. It’s called self-talk. Self-talk is an internal dialogue that can affect your confidence and self-esteem.  One kind of this is positive self-talk, a personal (mental) conversation with a positive mental attitude towards your life and yourself. This is said to be the optimistic voice in your head – soliloquy that makes you look at the bright side of things.

So why should you immerse in positive self-talk on a consistent basis? Here are several benefits that you can expect from a constructive self-dialogue:

  • It helps boosts your confidence

  • It introduces optimistic thoughts – that save you from depression
  • It eliminates stress
  •  It shields your heart It can help you improve your performance in anything you do

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